Character Creation

Character Creation

Characters are built using the rules in the Rules Compendium with options from other sources as permitted. This page details the character creation process and any special rules for creating characters. It is highly recommended that players use the the D&D Character Builder for checking their work (though double check it, as it still has some bugs). The ZEITGEIST Player’s Guide is also invaluable for creating your characters.

After creating your character on paper, create a character entry for it here on Obsidian Castle. Please use the 4E Character Template I’ve provided for the crunch details; you can see an example filled out version soon. You will be updating this character sheet as the campaign progresses.

All characters are initially 1st level. All characters are expected to know the other characters as members of the Royal Homeland Constabulary; it is possible to know a character from before membership. The characters are initially assigned to the city of Flint.

Choose Race

Races for the campaign are detailed in the Races of Zeitgeist section. Common races have no difficulty for acceptance; uncommon and rare races will need justification (i.e., a full background describing how they fit or don’t fit into Risur society). Remember, all characters are member of the Royal Homeland Constabulary and thus need to have justification of why they have been vetted to serve their country.

Choose Backgrounds

Player’s Handbook 2 includes backgrounds to augment character creation (generally for use in selecting class skills, skill bonuses, or additional languages). Choose at least one Background characteristics from and approved source. Remember, though you can choose up to three Background traits, you only get the benefit from one in character creation. Do not forget to incorporate your backgrounds when fleshing out your character’s history!

Additional information on potential backgrounds is available: Backgrounds.

Choose Class

Any class from the Player’s Handbooks, Heroes series, and other sources (excluding the Vampire class) is acceptable. Keep in mind Risur culture tends to favor classes of certain types over others.

Zeitgeist-specific notes for each class are available: Classes.

Choose Theme

Themes define an additional dimension to your character: Where a race determines who you are and a class determines your training, a themes defines what you do. Each player gets a theme chosen either from the ZEITGEIST Player’s Guide or Dragon #399

Zeitgeist-specific notes for each class are available: Themes.

Determine Ability Scores

Use the Point-Buy option (Method 2) for determining ability scores. Asmor provides a 4E Ability Score Caculator that one can use for this; note, it starts with all scores at 10 so you’ll have to decrease one to 8 if you do not wish to spend those two points.

Choose Skills

Skills are as specified in the Rules Compendium.

Select Feats

Feats from the published sources outside of the Players Handbooks and Heroes series should get an official okay from the DM before final acceptance; in general, most non-DDI material is fine while DDI material needs to be looked over. Keep in mind the the Heroes series of books updated and obsoleted several feats from previous Players Handbooks, so use the most recent versions.

Choose Powers

Powers from all official sources are acceptable with the caveat that DDI material must be approved.

Choose Equipment

Equipment from all official sources are acceptable. Remember, you only start with 100gp at first level. Also, make sure to check all applicable errata . The caveat on DDI material applies here as well.

The ZEITGEIST Player’s Guide lists several new types of equipment, specifically firearms. These are all available at 1st level.

For your initial (starting) equipment, you do not have to worry about Prestige or item frequency. Both of these rules will be in place for post-start purchases.

Fill in the Numbers

Remember to use the provide 4E Character Template when uploading to Obsidian Portal.

Complete Character Details

No Evil or Chaotic Evil characters are permitted in this game. Religions or secular philosophies are given in the Religion and Philosophies page; choices for your character should be consistent with class, race, theme, and background.

Languages are given as in the ZEITGEIST Player’s Guide:

Risur speaks Primordial, the language derived from the ancient speech of the original fey titans who ruled the land. Educated people of Risur often speak Common as well. Risuri speakers have English accents (or whatever local variant of English you speak: American, Australian, Canadian, etc.). All PCs gain Primordial as a bonus language.

The language Common, which served a role in Lanjyr similar to Latin in Europe, is spoken in Ber, Crisillyir, and Danor, albeit with some local variations.
Ber mixes Draconic, Giant, and Common. Berans have a Spanish accent (or Mexican, if that’s easier for you).

Crisillyir speaks Common as well as Dwarven, with strong Drakran influences. Crisillyiri sound like Eastern Europeans.

Danor speaks Common, but its schools and academies are strict in maintaining the language’s purity. Danorans sound like the French.

Drakr speaks Dwarven. Drakrans sound Russian.

Elfaivar speaks Elvish, plus the Common of their conquerers. Elfaivarans should have a non-European accent: perhaps Iraqi, Indian, or Japanese.

Each character must include a description of their personality, appearance, and at lease one quick their character has. In addition, a background for the character must be provided. Take special care to discuss how the characters came to the attention of the Royal Homeland Constabulary and one anecdote about an interaction with the other characters (e.g., a mission you both went on).

Create a Mentor

As a final step, you should flesh the details of two contacts within the city of Flint and submit them as part of your character; they should be from different districts of the city. This contact could be a friend or family member, a criminal informant, an ex-girlfriend, a merchant whose shop you frequent, a minor noble who owes you a favor, a religious figure, or many other options. These NPCs help connect the you to the city, and will come in handy in future investigations.

Each contact should be given the details:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Residing District
  • Profession (not necessarily a PC class).
  • Appearance
  • Personality & Quirks
  • Their relation to your PC

Character Creation

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