R.N.S. Coaltongue Ready for Launch!

Flint Inquirer News 500 AOV

FLINT—After years of effort, the latest in Risur’s iron dreadnoughts is ready to protect the homeland. The R.N.S. Coaltongue, the most advanced steam ship adapted from Danor technology, will set sail later this week from the Flint shipyards.

Developed under heavy security, the Coaltongue boasts advanced technomagicy in terms of propulsion and armaments. “Danor may have superiority in their number of ironclads, but the artificers of Flint have outdone themselves,” lead designer Geoff Massarde has stated. “She is unstoppable!”

The launch will be open to the public, with an appearance by the King, his sister the Duchess of Shale, City Governor Stanfield, and other notables. Details will be posted.

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